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I was looking for Birthday Girl... how did I get here?
Sorry to confuse you.  We’ve been through a brand redesign and a blog name change.
 CAKE. is an expansion of Birthday Girl into a modern and inclusive event planning blog.  Birthdays remain our heart & soul, but you’ll also notice more styled parties, creative projects and design inspiration.

I submitted my work and I never heard back from you.  What gives?
At this time we are not accepting outside submissions.  Though it is always the intention to reply to your correspondence, time does not always allow for it.  Thank you for your interest! 

Can I hire CAKE. to help me with an event in the Bay Area?
Absolutely.  Whether you’re interested in custom graphic design of your paper goods, an inspiration board for your theme, or on-site event styling... CAKE. can help.  Contact us for further details.

Have a question or need further information?  Contact us HERE.