father's day fun: shirt & tie cake

I've always wanted to make a shirt & tie cake and present it in a shirt box as a Father's day or birthday gift. Alas, my dad is not a corporate guy. So with Father's day coming up on Sunday, I thought maybe some of your dads and husbands could benefit from the idea. I've seen lots of great design examples, and though I can't find any specific recipes, if you know how to work with fondant I think it's fairly self explanatory. Keep in mind I'm guessing a little, but here's what I would do...

{image via tiepedia}

Shirt & Tie Cake How-To
1. Select a shirt box and line with enough tissue paper to fold over the sides of the box.
2. Cut a sheet of foam board to fit inside base of the box and cover with parchment paper or foil.
3. Prepare a standard sheet cake as directed for a 9x13" baking pan. Allow the cake to cool and invert onto the foam board.
4. Cover cake in a layer of buttercream frosting.
5. Roll out sheets of fondant in desired colors and trim to size before gently laying over cake and smoothing.
6. Dip a thin brush in food coloring to create a tie pattern and use real buttons & cufflinks to trim shirt collar and cuff. Poke small holes with a toothpick to emulate stitching on pocket and cuff.
7. Carefully lift the foamboard with the cake and place inside the lined shirt box.


  1. Stunning! Thanks for the How to! :)

  2. This is truly impressive. TRULY!

  3. this is so cute! I'd love to attempt someday too. My Dad is also a non-tie wearer (It was a struggle to get him to wear one for my wedding!)...but maybe someday I'll try this...