custom inspiration board: classic carnival

Remember the giveaway I posted a few weeks back? Here at last is the inspiration board created for the winner Norma, who wanted a carnival theme for her son's 2nd birthday...

Theme: Classic Carnival

Party Ideas
colors: bright primary colors (red, yellow, blue)
setting: backyard afternoon party, casual food and activities set-up.
decorations: lots of giant balloons, bunting banners over the booths and around the tables. if space allows, set up a 'big top' style tent by draping fabric over food area or just above the candy table.
food: hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, animal crackers, and a dessert station with cupcakes, lollipops, rock candy etc. also include a photo booth with dress up props, and face painting.
activities: what's a carnival without chances to win a prize? give out tickets at the beginning of the party and have an assortment of games set up such as ring toss, milk bottle baseball, ping pong goldfish bowl toss, bobbing for apples etc. set up a wall of small dime store prizes and let the winners choose.
favors: give out the goldfish bowls from the game and have goldfish ready for each person to take home. or for a simpler favor, just let everyone make their own bag of sweets from the candy buffet.

Photo Credits
Row 1: invite via tiny prints; girl on ball via anthropologie; ballon man via most adorable...; cupcake table via martha stewart
Row 2: tickets via green wedding shoes; balloons via josh goleman; snow cones via martha stewart; candy buffet via amy atlas
Row 3: animal crackers and little clowns via
kara's party ideas; ducks via ish and chi
Row 4: popcorn cupcakes via
cake central; sweets via green wedding shoes; prizes via ish and chi; pinwheels via gigi & lulu


  1. Looks like fun! I agree: big balloons are a must. I love all the colors in this board!

  2. Lovely board darling, bright and bold colours, very nice indeed. Have a lovely week.

    Love & Hugs

  3. How fun! I love the board!

  4. you are brilliant! wish you had been around
    when i was trying to think up party ideas for
    my crew!

  5. Perfect choices. Vibrant colors and it just looks like such fun for kids and adults!