A Spa Birthday Party + Lip Balm Recipe


Soooo.... it's been a minute.  Okay, it's been a very long time actually.  I've thought about shutting down this blog over the past few years, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  I let my original site go several years ago and have lived to regret it. Cautionary tale... it was taken over by a bot that mashed together some questionable content with random ad links. Tbh, it broke my heart a little. And while I've been on a creative hiatus, I liked the fact this blog has been sitting here, waiting for me to stop back in and say hello. Which is exactly what I'm doing now. Hello!

I don't know if anyone's out there at this point, and if not that's okay. But if you are, I'm going to try and catch up on a few events I've hosted over past few years. Dedicating this one to Laura, who emailed me asking to share my daughter's more recent birthday parties... like two years ago. Sorry Laura, hopefully I'll be able to pull together a few more soon.

This was Caitlin's 8th birthday Spa party, and it was a fan favorite among her friends.  We hosted at home and set up a variety of stations including hair, main/pedis, facials, and lip balm making.

My friend Jenna aka The Toasted Ginger came over and did the girls hair in the most fun, wild and glittery styles. She brought a bunch of colorful hair sprays and some handcrafted hair gels mixed with loads of glitter. She also designs sparkled hair clips and bobby pins.  This could have been a party all on it's own, or maybe even part of a rockstar theme. It was awesome.

 I enlisted a few moms to help out doing nails, and we had tubs of water they could soak their feet in and orbeez for a little sensory fun.

The girls were able to do their own 'facials' with a gold gel face mask and they loved putting cucumber slices over their eyes. As you can see they had no problem getting into the sprit of relaxation...

 The last station was lip balm making. This was a bit ambitious with everything else going on, but they did turn out nicely.  I've posted the ingredients and recipe below- this was a blend of a few natural formulas I found online. It worked well but took more time than expected to melt all the oils down.  The essential oils added the most wonderful scents and we had enough extra jars that all the girls could bring one home for their mom too. I still use mine.

After the spa stations, we ended the party with something like a high tea instead of cake. There were healthy snacks along with towers of bite sized treats, and a brownie instead of cake for the birthday girl.

I designed favor tags to personalize them for each girl.  The favors included a cloth bag filled with a bath bomb, a headband, a loofa, nail polish and nail file along with the lip balms to add later.

Here's a link to the invitation in my Etsy shop and you can order the party printables too.  I'd highly recommend this theme for ages 8 and up - it would be great for a group of tween/teen girls. And honestly it would work just as well if not better for an adult bridal shower or girls weekend.  Just add mimosas.

Lip Balm formula
makes about 20 small jars

12 tsp beeswax (2oz)
6 tsp shea butter (1oz)
6 tbsp coconut oil (3oz)
essential oils
jars- 5g plastic cosmetic containers
1" sticker labels

- melt first 3 ingredients together in a microwave safe bowl, or using a double boiler method on the stove.  I found the beeswax took quite a long time to break down so I'd recommend starting with this first and adding the others in once it really starts to melt
- use a rubber dropper or small spoon to portion liquid wax into jars
- add a few drops essential oil
- mix w/ a toothpick
- let sit for an hour to harden
- design a sticker label with a flavor name

Images are for personal use only. If sharing them on your site or social media, please link directly to this post. Sources: Invitation + party graphics // oils, jars and beeswax from Amazon // plates + party favors from Target

Honest to Nod | A Baby Sprinkle

Wow, two posts in a week.  It's like some kind of record for me these days.  I wish I could say I'm back on the grid officially, but I'm starting a new job next week so it's pretty likely that I'll be turning back into a specter any minute now.  While I have the time however, I wanted to share that my latest party on inspiration for Land of Nod is up on their blog and it's a good one... a bright and modern baby sprinkle.  If you're looking for some fresh inspiration, I hope you'll stop over and take a peek.  Below is the invitation to coordinate.

There are a bunch of new themes in my shop too, just in time for your spring and summer celebrations. Think Cinco De Mayo... Derby... showers... and of course, birthdays.

Mystical Unicorns | a 5th Birthday Party


Time sure flies when you're raising kids. My daughter is now almost 6.  But here at long last I'm back to share her 5th birthday party, because unicorns are always a good idea.  This was a small and simple backyard party, with bright cheerful color and some easy handmade touches.  You can find the invitation and most of the graphics in my shop, and the rest is detailed below.

The world's cutest plush unicorns came from the Land of Nod and were the party favors, along with bags for the unicorn pinata treats.  The other unicorns were all sprayed gold... and you may notice that I got a little liberal with the spray paint and sprayed the tops of the balloons gold too.  You can't see much of the effect in the photos but I highly recommend trying this- they looked awesome.

For party activities, the girls first beaded their own rainbow necklaces and had their faces painted.  Then after a (mystic) pizza lunch we had them design their own unicorn horns.  The 'horns' were chocolate cupcakes baked inside ice cream cones and they got to frost them and decorate with chocolate stars, sprinkles and twizzlers.  It was a super fun ridiculous mess!

We also had a game of pin the horn on the unicorn - on a poster I printed using the invitation design. And last but not least of course... the pinata, filled with sparkles, tiny rubber unicorns and an abundance of pink and purple candy.

As you can see, the girls had a blast. Though clearly having the streamers as a photo backdrop backfired on me... they doubled as a hiding place for those pretty faces.  Also, one final tip for you. I used a roll of recycled art paper to make the brush painted table covers, and not only did they add fun color, but they made for the easiest clean up ever.  See? Small and simple, as most of my favorite parties are these days.

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Unicorn Piñata | 5 Minute Makeover


I've had this post drafted since Caitlin's birthday in June.  Along with the rest of her unicorn party that I have yet to share because I'm such a tease.  But this week I've seen some pretty amazing new unicorn piñatas and I figured it's time to get in on the action.

You've seen them right? I've always been a fan of Kelly's and now there's Jordan's and Brie's in the mix!  Credit where it's due, these piñatas are epic.  But if you're anything like me and tend to think...that's amazing, but I'll never have time to make it, take heart. 

I took this store bought unicorn piñata and gave it the world's easiest makeover.  All you need is a sharpie, a gluestick and glitter. True story. Here's how: 

1. Gently peel off the creepy sticker eyes 
2. Draw a simple half circle with a sharpie to make bashful eyes 
3. Brush glue all over the horn and shake on gold glitter 

 Finally, name your pinata. Preferably after someone you're annoyed with, because then you get free therapy each time your child takes a whack at it.

So much better, and SO simple. Stay tuned for party pics from this super fun unicorn 5th birthday! 

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Free Printable | Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags


It's teacher appreciation week!  Here's a sweet and simple last minute project to show your favorite teachers some love...

1. Purchase clear containers
2. Fill them with gobs of gummy bears
3. Tie on a pretty ribbon
4. Download, trim and attach this free printable tag (don't forget to have your child sign it first)

And you're done! Now go out and make a teacher's day.

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