real parties: a vintage spring tea

Last Sunday I was supposed to co-host a garden tea party with Cakewalk Baking, but we had to make a devastating last minute decision to re-schedule due to rain.  Ironically, I happened to receive some lovely photos of this vintage tea party, designed by Thetis of Little Sooti.  Since she lives 'down under' she doesn't have much rain to contend with this month, so the party for her niece's 10th birthday went off without a hitch.  I hope you enjoy this sweet spring event and sit tight for our own version, coming next month.  Read on for details from Little Sooti...

{images via little sooti}

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure in styling a Vintage Tea Garden Party for my beautiful niece Chloe's 10th birthday along with her mum, my beautiful sister Stella. The setting was their beautiful big backyard under a gorgeous tree on a perfect sunny day, which made for the most elegant set up. The party had two parts, the Vintage Tea Garden Party and then a Moroccan Themed Sleepover in the evening. 

The table setting was  for 10 very excited little girls. Each girl had their own vintage tea cup and saucer, a vintage napkin and a mini glass bottle filled with pink lemonade. The vintage tea cups are my mums and are part of a full dinnerware set as are the pretty little napkins. My sister purchased some pretty fabric in which my mum turned into a table runner. Desserts and finger food included mini vanilla and strawberry cupcakes, raspberry macrons, strawberries and cream (the girls loved this), fairy bread, raspberry jelly shots, marshmallow teacups, yummy cucumber and assorted finger sandwiches, as well as mini gourmet sausage rolls and party pies.  

Gorgeous flowers were placed in assorted glass jars decorated in doilies, lace tape and twine. Other decor around the garden were hanging lanterns, a long doily garland, a hanging crochet blanket which was the backdrop for the girls photobooth area. We also set up the umbrella with a blanket and some throw pillows for a sitting area. The cute mini glass drinking bottles from Little Sooti were wrapped in lace tape and really gave them a pretty look.


  1. Adorable! I love a good spring tea party! I just hosted a similar one for my daughter's third birthday using some of her grandma's vintage teapots. We has some sketchy weather too, but luckily it cleared up!

  2. Very sweet - I just love all of the details!


  3. What a beautiful spread!!! GORGEOUS!

  4. Vintage and Shabby Chic. My tow favorite combinations.