real parties: parisian circus soiree

I had tremendous fun helping Allison with some ideas for her 23rd birthday.  She decided on a Parisian Circus theme and the details she incorporated are utterly enchanting. Notice the umbrellas and lanterns hanging from the trees and the handwritten graphics on newsprint?  I often find that simple touches like these are what give a party it's unique appeal {and of course I can't neglect to mention the adorable lips, clown noses & mustaches for the guests!} Read on for more party details from Allison...

{images by david escalante}

I had about 30 people over for my party, which ended up taking place in my back yard. It was the perfect setting- evening, candle light, tons of food and friends and great music. We had a panini bar for dinner. All of the guests were able to create their own. The dessert bar was complete with raspberry cheesecake, funfetti cupcakes, kettle corn wrapped in newspaper, animal crackers, lemon bars, giant pixie sticks and of course cotton candy! In addition to the panini bar and dessert bar, we had a french soda bar where the guest could make there own coconut, raspberry or peach french soda. They were fantastic! 

Before we started the evening's festivities, we played a little fill in the blank game: who would most likely be the: ring master? trapeze artist, sword swallower, fire breather, tiger tamer, bearded lady etc. The person with the most votes on any given circus performer one a prize.


  1. Ahhh, this looks like fantastic fun! What a lovely party! xxxxxxxx

  2. Wow, it´s amazing! What a adorable party, love circus world!

  3. This is such a cool party. Looks wonderful

  4. Party looks like it was a blast! Love the dessert table!

    Pure2raw Twins

  5. Great idea creating a bit of "indoors" outdoors (like a circus tent)...with those colorful fabric swags overhead!