real parties: a fairy tea party

This fairy tea party sent in by Kristi is just right.  She hosted the party in her beautiful home to celebrate twins Kenna and Michal’s 7th birthday.  The bold blue, pink and purple décor is enough to fill any little girl’s heart with glee, and included handmade fairies, heart shaped wands, delicate flower cupcakes and of course, tutus & wings for the girls to wear.  Read on below for more from Kristi...

 {images via and babies make four}

When they arrived the girls had their choice of three activities; they could get their face painted, make a fairy house or make a fairy friend -- a teddy bear. Once they finished one of the three activities they could move on to the next activity. I very fortunately had Eric and two wonderful friends help me before and during the party. They each managed one of the crafts while I tried to make sure the girls were moving from one activity to the next.

I then had the girls all get the wrapped Barbie doll they'd brought to the party -- in lieu of gifts each girl brought a Barbie to exchange. They all then sat in a circle on the floor and I read a fairy book. Each time I read the word "fairy" they passed their wrapped package to the right. They really loved this game and giggled and laughed each time I said "fairy." When I finished the book I told them to open their package and that Barbie was theirs to take home.

The girls then got dressed in "fairy finery" -- tutus, wings and wreaths of flowers -- to go into the dining room for a fairy tea party. The tables were set with mismatched china plates and tea cups. A few of the tea cups were mine and the rest were thrift store finds. I have spent weeks scouring Good Will for tea cups and plates and have managed to amass a pretty good china collection. Each tea cup had a different handmade fairy sitting on it. The fairies were my very favorite part of the party and the girls absolutely loved them too. There was also a heart-shaped fairy wand at each place. I used fancy tea pots and the girls had their choice of pink lemonade, chocolate milk or hot chocolate, with flower marshmallows, to accompany their flower-and-butterfly-topped chocolate cupcakes.

After our tea party the girls went back to the Family Room for a Little Miss Ann concert. (If you don't have a Little Miss Ann CD, it's worth getting one. You can read all about her here.) She had them singing, dancing and popping bubbles. It was the absolutely the cutest thing to see a room full of winged little girls dancing and singing.


  1. what a beautiful party! I love it's bright, colorful and fun even though it's cold outside. Sometimes I think the kids' w/ winter bdays get jipped but this party proves you can still do something fun in the winter bdays!

  2. that is such a good idea and a little girls dream! i would have loved a party like that when i was younger! not i have an idea for when i have a daughter... :)

  3. WOW love all the colors and the balloon 7 outside, cute!


  4. Gorgeous party, full of beautiful, *thoughtful* details. I love the barbie exchange!

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous!! so colourful. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Becs @ Stiletto Studio

  6. wow what a great idea! ANd so pretty!

  7. This just sounds so sweet and adorable. The details are amazing!

  8. love the idea of the "barbie pass"!

  9. Looks like an awesome and a party full of fun! I love the fairies idea!

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  10. hi...I really loved the ideia!
    I wold like to know how can I get the same tablecloths!