the crispery: ooey gooey rice crispy goodness

Remember the rice crispy treats you loved as a kid?  I’ll do you one better.  I just heard about this company The Crispery and I’m pretty sure the mouth watering photos below speak for themselves.  Their creations include so many versions of the classic kid friendly treat, I have stop and wonder ‘why didn’t I think of this years ago’?!  I love that they offer sample boxes in pretty packaging too... such a great birthday gift or favor idea!   

{images via the crispery}


  1. OMG I love your blog. Seriously.

    I also want to eat these treats! They are so perfectly delicious looking.

  2. We followed Mrs. Newlywed over and can only echo her sentiments!

  3. Oh my - I am so craving something sweet now! Thanks for sharing. Your blog is the MOST fun! xoxo

  4. OMG! Well, what a treat I so do deserve!